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PH3 Run 1856 Scribe

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The Hares came into the circle, so so many! They explained the trail was flat and fast led by CANNONBALL. It was CANNONBALL's Birthday and he said he had good food waiting for them when they got back, all prepared by LOST CAUSE. The distance was 9.9 km for the runners according to SPERM POLLUTER. The pack took off and then the Beer Hunters were then in pursuit of beer, eight in number. By the time the Beer Hunters got back the first runner came in.

A while later the food was served which consisted of a mixture of macaroni salad. Excellent food to eat after a run and drinking beer.

THE WIZARD, our lustrous GM started the circle and right away he put VV in the bucket for too much noise. After he brought the hares in on the ice and questioned the runners and walkers about the trail, which everyone gave a thumbs up.

Next came the raffle: TESTICLES the first winner took the bottle of Bacardi Rum (later as he walked into Nicky's, he broke such bottle). WANK-KING'S WANKER picked the cookies, BRASS MONKEY picked the bottle of Vodka, GI JOE picked the bottle of Wine, VELCRO DICK took the glass jar, KNICKERLESS chose the bottle of whiskey, SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE chose the dick whistle bottle opener that was donated by LIBERACE, LOST CAUSE got the headphones, HARBOR WHORE chose the towel, and lastly NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER took the pasta.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD then proceeded with hares on the ice, got good reviews on fully painting the sticks (DIRT LOONEY was very pleased). Next he brought in Marcel from Holland for his naming which was not easy because the half of minds had been drinking by then. Many suggestions were thrown about, but finally and for evermore he will be known as "DICK IN THE DYKE".

TURD BURGLAR brought in CANNONBALL for his birthday cakes (many) celebration! BALL RINGER was brought in on the ice for breaking his finger on last weeks trail.

The Wanker of the Week was won by your one and only ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING IDEA!

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER brought in KNICKERLESS on the ice, for last week she won a Dildo, which she used on herself to video ARSE-HOLEO back home (a very messy video to say the least) and passed it onto SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE this week to do her own private video.

LIBERACE was brought in for always only walking 500 feet on trail and then returning back. CANNONBALL and BRASS MONKEY brought in (word is his future fiance),

PHANTOM was next because he bikes with SGT LONE WOLF on their Harleys and he was given up for biking with lacy ladies underwear, bra, garters and of coarse a golden earring! Who would have thought less.

CRAP THAI from Chiang Mai and FRISKY BUSINESS and BUSHY SPICE were visiting from China.

AWARDS: CANNONBALL for haring his 5th hash was to receive a Hat.

End of Circle: Hares on the ice and BURL IVES had a special song. On After at Nicky's: remember good old TESTICLES walks in and right away breaks his bottle of Rum. Fish and Chips were served which pleased everyone.
All in All, a great Hash, great Food, great Hashers, good Times!

On-On!  Yankee Crank

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