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Arrived at a very nice wet A site to be told the hares were ARSE BANDIT, ATOMIC MUFF DIVER and MADAM SIN.

The circle is called and the GM asked for a scribe so I volunteered basically so I could sit down plus I am thinking this could be a good hash trash to write.

The hares were called into the circle to talk about the run and when ARSE BANDIT said checks where red but held up a can of orange paint I thought this is going to be good. I wasn't disappointed either because within 200 meters of the start there was total confusion. Being a walker I was at the back when I meet the rest of the pack running in all directions like chooks with their heads cut off yelling out lost trail plus other unmentionable things that they wanted to do to the hares. There were people going in all directions so I thought I would also check. Well yo and behold I found paper so after many many years I become a front running barstard again.

Problem was it wasn't long lived as after another couple of hundred meters I found a long scratch in the sand saying on in. Now I haven't been a FRB for years but even to be one for 100 meters felt great. Being the older hashman I am, and still running walking the OLD way, once I had found the on home sign it was back to the trailer for me in the hopes of an early beer.

I did watch for a while before turning around and heading back to the trailer and still confusion reigned but I am told that the real trail was finally found and that the run did improve after that.

Back at the trailer I spoke with ATOMIC MUFF DIVER and asked who set the first part of the run. Being the honest English gentleman he is he tells me that ARSE BANDIT done that bit on his mountain bike. Well the pack did eventually get back and came in from all directions so I think the earlier confusion continued.

Before the circle was called great food was served with the complements of SPASTIC WHORE KING. Many thanks SWK you know we shall expect that from now on every time you have a birthday.

Circle is called and the GM deals with lost property first. STUPID KRAUT KUNT, ARSE BANDIT and BOB-A-GOB are all the victims. Then it's the hares' turn. We go around the circle for comments and it is lack of paper, lack of direction signs, plus the mix of confusion. Luckily ARSE BANDIT set the run on his mountain bile so I was told the front runners just followed his tyre tracks. At least it saved paper so in the long run saved our planet.

Beer Hunters said the bus was full and they never got lost. Well done REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD for setting a good trail.

Raffles are drawn WANK-KING'S WANKER is iced for coming in with the wrong ticket number. Our visitor won a big red cock so walked away with a smile on her face and I won nothing again.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD has the circle next and talks about the run. Sure we give the hares a hard time now and again but without them we don't have a run. So well done ARSE BANDIT, ATOMIC MUFF DIVER and MADAM SIN .

STEPTOE and TURD BURGLAR are iced because they are both off to Cambodia with a big bag of money. They are going to invest in Ankor beer. Not sure how much they can drink though. PINKY and NO CUNT TROLL are iced as visitors so welcome to the Monday PH3.

WANK-KING'S WANKER has the awards and first up is EMPEROR AIRHEAD for 1500 sign ups and 12 runs completed. DOG LICKS ITS DICK for his 250 runs and HOI WAN for 100 runs. Well done all.

GM has the circle and ices SPASTIC WHORE KING for the food and his chefs who helped out then they gave him a birthday cake. Coming to think of that where did my slice go.  VV and STUPID KRAUT KUNT are iced for something to do with the recent beach social.

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER has the circle and ices the hares and talks about the old times when they used to have Hash Shit and thought the hares deserved it because it took them 3 days to set a totally confusing run and thought they could have done the same in a couple of hours.

SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE and KNICKERLESS are called and there are talks about dildos and then I become lost when they are talkinG about hamdum hamtia and ham sandwiches. I wanted to know where the pickle was.

The hares sing us "British Soldier" but I always thought it was "British Sailor" but then after a good run/walk, great food and a few beers maybe like the run I was confused.

Circle ended with our normal swing low song then it was a beer for the bus and back home to Pattaya.

Well done hares and thanks to all you others who always help out. Rags, sign ups, food, RA's and of course VV for keeping the beer cold.

On-On!  B.B.

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