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Back in town after PINKABOO and I spent 5 months in Australia enjoying some cool weather. Checked the PH3 web site and see who was haring today's run and saw that UNSTABLE LOAD was a hare which meant the run could be good or a complete fuck up then saw the other hares were NOISY QUEEN, NINJA PRINCESS, SILENT PRINCESS, ARSE VAN HOLE and SOUR KRAUT BONE COLLECTOR so they would fix up the fuck ups.

Signed up with LIBERACE and SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE and sat with NIGHT RIDER, PHANTOM, GANGREEN to discuss world topics like the potency of American weed compared to local weed.

Today's A-site is miles out of town past Nong Nooch at the Sabai MC Club grounds with a pool and plenty of grass of the non-smoking kind, very nice area.

Two virgins today Arthur from Belgium and a Swiss guy whose name was Marfin or Muffin or Marfia something like that. Hares in to tell us about the run, UNSTABLE LOAD said walkers 4 km and runners 8 or 9 or 10 km or I don’t know km. Walk is easy except for the hard bits but you only go up one hill but he didn’t say you go up the one hill 4 times. I did the walk which was 3.8 km and that took me 1 hour and 10 minutes and the front runners were back in around 1 hour 15 minutes.

The Beer Hunters were happy that the closest bar was a trip and stumble away and were on sight when the front runners got back so they didn’t waste any precious Baht buying beer.

Fantastic Green Curry Chicken and rice was supplied by the hares and was very much appreciated.

First circle called by THE WIZARD and the hares iced for a discussion about the run, UNSTABLE LOAD in his usual seat in the bucket, front runners said too short and not hard enough which is the life story of a lot of the old Hashers today, too hilly, too flat, too much tapioca so a good run.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD takes over and ices HARD ON for running too fast and overachieving but he makes the beer drinkers happy by getting back quickly.

STUPID KRAUT KUNT takes the circle and ices SISTER FISTER FUCKWIT and EMPEROR AIRHEAD then tells us how much Baht SISTER FISTER FUCKWIT has spent on the PH3 and compared that to EMPEROR AIRHEAD who has 1,500 runs and has done the calculations in his head so he mumble about millions of Baht and hundreds of thousands of Baht and some other shit that I couldn’t understand so another 5 minutes of our lives wasted.

PRINCESS BUM BOY and his lovely daughter iced for a naming, he doesn’t like the Princess bit but is happy to be a BUM BOY , strange but true. New Hash name for the Dubai based ice hockey playing daughter is FLYING GAZELLE. Nam and KNICKERLESS iced for no Hash shirt, she has a Hash shirt but KNICKERLESS neglected to tell her she has to actually wear it in the circle.

WANK-KING'S WANKER takes the circle for awards and it’s PINKABOO’s 200th run.

Next it’s birthday celebrations with FRENCH KISS, SOUR KRAUT BONE COLLECTOR and BELL END. Three Birthday cakes with a lot of candles and Birthday song.

Belgians iced along with ARSE BANDIT for a Battle of Hastings history lesson, something about a French mole shagging a Pommy Bastard who was the daughter of a Belgian whore who was shagged by some other foreign fucker. Sounded like a week in Pattaya to me.

ANFI and STUPID KRAUT KUNT iced for the loss of the Wanker of the Week award and Kai retains the coveted award again. STUPID KRAUT KUNT acknowledged for his ability to leave The Robin Hood Bar without paying his bill. Paid by another Hasher and reimbursed by Kai.

SEAL SUCKER iced by BB for immoral thoughts and deeds with sheep and a down down song by DIRT LOONEY. Hares iced for no hares song. LORD CHICKEN FUCKER sings the hares song “It Ain’t Me Babe” very funny as usual. Last down downs and Hash Hymn sung.

See you next week at STUPID KRAUT KUNT's famous “Oktoberfest Run” it’s one of the best runs of the year, it’s worth coming just to see how drunk Kai gets.

On-On!  Rear Gunner

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