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PH3 Run 1859 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Sauce for the Goose

October, the beginning of the high season and its Oktoberfest again, with the usual A-site with plenty of shelter. New trainee for sign-ups, FLATULENCE, was kept very busy with eight hares to record along with many returners, visitors and six virgins. What is it about the Oktoberfest Run that brings everybody out of the woodwork? Even SIR MC showed his miserable face.

GM calls first circle and looks most resplendent in his lederhosen and feathered hat. The hares also look the part in their dungaree style T shirts. Eight hares, SOUR KRAUT BONE COLLECTOR, VV, TV, SUPERVIRGIN, VELCRO DICK, PAPRIKA SMILEY, BILLION SUCKER and ably led by the only German, STUPID KRAUT KUNT. SKK explains there will be a tug of war later in the circle and there are prizes for those finding coasters on the trail. Checks are in white and back checks In blue and a Walkers split marked with a white arrow.

Off we all go and there must have been a check early on as the runners are seen trying to get past the big group of walkers. The walk goes through long grass and some shiggy, empty cassava fields, cassava fields, bamboo groves, shaded jungle areas and ponds until we reach the arrow where the runners trail joins the walkers trail. All good until the walkers find a back check with the sticks missing and are then like headless chickens wandering backwards and forwards and some even going back as far as the joining arrow trying to find trail.

Good old DEL BOY is seen flying down a field to join the walkers and he finds the paper through a gnarly grotto to the right that MR BEAN didn’t want to explore before. A good trail enjoyed by everyone. About 5.5 kms for the walkers and 9-10 km for the runners.

After the run the hares generously treat us to bratwurst or wieners in bread and sauerkraut and later salami and cheese in the circle. Thank you hares.

GM calls second circle and does a good job getting over 100 people in some sort of order and then ices all the hares and asks hashers what they think about the run. A well laid trail with plenty of paper and enjoyed by all. WANK-KING’S WANKER is berated for talking again and reminds GM he hasn’t found a Scribe yet so SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE nobly steps up to fill the gap. You would think with over 100 hashers present someone would volunteer,

Raffle time and the winners are, GIDDY UP- wine, Jurgen - can’t read, SPANKENSTEIN - chair, SAUSAGE HEAD - beer and pretzels, TWO TIME - cookies, KNICKERLESS - towels, GERMAN FRAULEIN - German T-shirt, and last and best prize of a shaver goes to a Thai girl.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD takes the circle for his usual stint and ices and thanks the hares. STUPID KRAUT KUNT and SUPERVIRGIN are put on the ice again and given a Thai beer mug. DIRT LOONEY and KARAMBA are both put on the ice because it is their birthday today. DIRT LOONEY is in training again so can’t have cake so is given a banana with one candle that he kindly gives to KARAMBA. Happy birthday you two.

Award time and WW takes the circle to congratulate REAR GUNNER for 300 runs and SUPERVIRGIN for 50 runs. TAMPAX has done 500 runs and has his 500 runs chair but finally he gets a 500 run T-shirt that is to his liking. TWO TIME is given her 300 Run T-shirt.

GM’s circle and Hash Trash time. ATOMIC MUFF DIVER claims his bottle of wine left last week, SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE her Veterans towel and KNICKERLESS her beer holder.

It’s STUPID KRAUT KUNT’s time for his raffle from the beer coasters collected and the winners are TAMPAX, TWO TIME, NINJA PRINCESS and RUNNING DEER who get a goody bag from Kai and KARAMBA wins the prize for most coasters collected. Thank you hares for generously sponsoring the prizes.

Tug of war time and the first teams are the English versus the Norwegians, won by the Norwegians but then disqualified. Several more teams but all seem to be composed of hashers from different countries. Last one is Belgians versus the Scandinavians and Team Scandy win. Norwegians must be the biggest and fattest hashers. The guys get hard ons watching the two teams of Thai girls pulling on the rope and falling on their knees and rolling around in the sand. MADAM SIN lost her shoes in the melee. Winning team was awarded 100 Baht each.

Time for the hares song and it’s a German one. Final down down and then the Hash Hymn led by BALL RINGER, BEN 10, FLATULENCE, TAMPAX, SIR MC and MR BEAN. The Baht buses are packed back to Soi 6 and Lucky Love Bar for meatloaf and potato salad and more drinking and fun.

Thank you hares for your generous sponsorship and everyone else involved for another great Oktoberfest.

On-On!  Sauce for the Goose

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