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Great to be back as a returner on the PH3. Unfortunately with a foot injury preventing me from running and drinking. What the hash is mainly all about but som nom na as they say.

After the taxi ride out to the a-site just past Phoenix C.C. Nice a-site I thought, lots of shade.

The circle was called up by the GM to welcome the few virgins and the blessing of the new shoes for the Halloween Run. The hares explained the run, a choice of short or long. Myself and 11 others headed back on the taxi out for the Beer Hunters led by our famous REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD. Most of us polishing off a couple of king browns each. Heading back to the a-site to see in the FRB's in to get into the beer truck.

Some ominous storm clouds were building up at this stage. While we were chilling out a lot of rumbling could be heard above but no rain yet.

Half an hour later the GM calls the circle and thought to get the ladies in first for costume photos and a bit of parading to beat the rain. So out they came the 6 of them, just as the first pic was taken the heavens opened up. So we all ducked for cover in the taxis.

After about 15 mins it eased up and the circle continued. A prize for first and second for each of the ladies and the guys. KNICKERLESS looked great in hers which gave her second with TELLY TUBBY taking first place.

The hares were next on ice to be voted a great run and a-site which they cleared a lot of growth for us. So down-down for the hares and praised for a great trail. As this happened down came the rain again so I remained seated with a good rain coat on. Before most of the circle was thinking to go for cover again, B.B. steps in and got us all going with the "Singing in the Rain" song. Well done B.B.!

We were next entertained by LORD CHICKEN FUCKER filling in for AIRHEAD, M.I.A., icing all the Kiwis as a farewell for a couple going back home. Also BALL RINGER for looking like a terrorist and hard on being Wanker of the Week.

I had more notes but due to the wet weather my notes were a bit unreadable so the usual hash hymn and on off to the Buffalo Bar for a great karaoke night with more amber nectar. A great night for all.

On-On!  Arse-Holeo

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