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What a great turn out, 129 hashers! All there to celebrate VV's 20 years of hashing. And of course VV himself was the hare, with about 7 young sexy girls to help him.

The A site was beautiful located by Lake Map Prachan, in the shadows of large trees, and close walking distance to the pubs for the Beer Hunters.

The run took by the lake crossing over the road and in behind the Pubs and houses, and no matter how dry the land is, VV always manages to find some wet spots for us runners, so also this time, crossed a few small streams and ponds.

The area is very good for running, and the hares had found many good paths for us, and with plenty of back checks and checks the pack was kept pretty well together.At the end I had some 9,6 kilometers, and 1 hour 14 min, Just like the hare predicted, 1 hour 10 to 15 min he said.

After the run, the hares open up the BBQ and the line was long, so everything was sold out pretty quick. And after some beer drinking and talking among friends, and the GM himself selling raffle tickets, the “Circle in 5 min” was called.

The circle started off with the EMPEROR AIRHEAD introducing yellow and red cards for the noisy ones, there has been a bit too much noise in the circle lately, and hopes are this will help. He gave the cards to SCAR W/2TS for him to hand out to talkers, ooops!

The GM got the circle back and called the Hares on in, and various people were asked about how the run was, words like perfect, good, nice, best of the day seems to be the general opinion, except for TEENY WEENY who thought it to be to short! The Beer Hunters were really happy with the locations, except FERRY QUEEN who had some girlie problems. The run was very good it was decided.

And it was Raffle time. Many good prices, and many lucky winners, I did not get the names of all of them, so have a look at the photos to see who the lucky ones were.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD got the circle, and iced all the hares. He was very happy with the location, and that the Beer Hunters were well thought after. And we got the FERRY QUEEN story how he was turned down by a fat girl in one of the bars, much to his surprise.

Alice was in the bucket for singing a queer song, and something about a birthday cake for LONE WOLF, but he was not here, so somebody else ate it.

Then Virgins were called in, which we had a lot of, 8 or 9 I think, from many different countries, good to see new people joining our club, and also SAUSAGE HEAD had his parents on the Hash for the first time. They where all welcomed and told that PH3 is now their Mother hash.

By now SEAL SUCKER had gotten a yellow card, and the red one so he was first to suffer from that.

The circle was handed over to WANK-KING'S WANKER to take care of the awards. Have a look at the stats to get the correct list, but it was like: TEENY WEENY 400 runs, BEETROOT HEAD 100 runs, HOI WAN 10 hares, MISS CHIVAS 5 hares, SHE’S THE BOSS 5 hares.

TWINKLE DICK Hash Hero for buying a whiskey for VV. KEE MAH, SISTER FISTER FUCKWIT and DICK IN THE DYKE all Hash Heroes for helping deliver the extra beer bought for the overflow crowd today.

NMC then got the circle, and I was busy handing out yellow and red cards, but he iced, TEENY WEENY, BARNACLE BOLLOCKS, JACK WOW, BELLY DANCER and a few more that I didn’t get the name on.

Then SCAR W/2TS got the circle, STREET CLEANER was supposed to been on ice for not wearing a Hash shirt, but he had left, and there was a virgin with no Hash shirt, but it seems that the GM has sanctioned this now. Hmm... guess we’ll have to discuss that on the next meeting. TEENY WEENY had broken the Hash Scribe chair, so only fair he get some ice to sit on.

And we had a visitor from Uganda, EBONY PRINCESS, who was a really colorful inspiration to run behind, And RSB who normally leads the Beer Hunters, had this time taken an early lead and left before the first circle.

After that it was back to the GM, Hash song by the Hares, last down downs was handed out, and they also lead us all in the Hash Hymn.

Another great day of hashing with the greatest hash in the world, Pattaya H3, was not over. The tradition of On On bars is as strong as ever, and 66 turn up for more beers and party in Buffalo Bar, great bar, who also provided us with food and Karaoke.

ARSE-HOLEO had promised not to sing the first hour, but he did not keep that promise, and like usual he sounded something in between Donald Duck and a drunken sailor. But party kept on and a great day and night was had.

On-On!  Scar W/2Ts

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