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PH3 Run 1866 Scribe

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Fifteen virgins at the PH3 Belgian Run.

Good run with a well papered, flat quiet A-site. Just a big lie about Jupiler Beer...... it tasted like Chang to many hashers . Haha. Belgian French fries very welcome after the run, paid and fried by the hares.

KNICKERLESS was there with her newish boyfriend PHANTOM (although I didnt see him I was assured he was there).

Raffle winners were in no order cos i can't remember SAUSAGE HEAD, ANTIQUE (thanks for the gin and lift home after the buses left without MADAM SIN and I.), STEPTOE, UNSTABLE LOAD, LOVE BOAT, ARSE VON HOLE, LOST CAUSE and PENELOPE PITSTOP.

NO MORE CUM iced for Hash Trash, he tripped over in the circle spilling his fries to everyone's amusement.

We have a new Hare-Raiser SPERM POLLUTER pledged an oath of allegiance to the Hash saying he promises to be better than the last one...

WINDOW WANKER and LORD CHICKEN FU**ER were iced for having birthdays this week both can sit down at the hash ...

WANK-KING'S WANKER in the bucket 3 times all for been caught talking by SCAR W\2TS who is going around giving yellow and then red cards to noise offenders....

ESTONIAN F***ER iced and bucketed (if that's a word) for talking and also not bringing Russian girls to the hash as he used to. Poor old NO MORE CUM was a bit lonely ...but good news. ESTONIAN F***ER promised to make up for it next week, Hip pip Hooray.

SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD was iced and made to wear a Christmas hat with lights on so we can see how many beers he has.

SPASTIC WHORE KING and MAMMA SAN iced for not having hash shirts on. Luckily for MAMMA SAN the GM had a spare one but it was dirty so had to be washed in the bucket. Yes you know ,it was the shirt with the sleeves sewn up.

Still too much noise. SCAR W/2TS put first KNICKERLESS then KUNG FU QUEEN and NO TRUCKING IDEA as well.

WINDOW WANKER and PENELOPE PITSTOP were iced and whilst talking about titties PENELOPE got them out to a roar from the circle.

Virgins were then iced but 1 of a family of Danes wanted to see how cold the bucket was... The look on his face was priceless..

STEPTOE sang the hares song just after KUNG FU QUEEN did the splits on the ice.

I was asked into the circle with others for the last down down and Hash Hymn.

PS: Don't know how the On On bar was because I got left at the A site and rescued by ANTIQUE.

On-On!  Arse Bandit

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