Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1867 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Jack Wow

The GM, THE WIZARD, called the circle to order and invited GOOSEY GOOSEY GOBBLER to the ice for the Hash Crash award. THE WIZARD started the award ceremony with the revelation that GGG was 76 years old and a FRB. Even though he was a clumsy gobbler, he was an inspiration to us all.

There was very little Hash Trash to account for this week only a Danish library book which no one claimed. However, our very clever GM tricked a not so bright Dane, NO TRUCKING IDEA, on to the ice to accept the responsibility of returning the book to a member of last week’s group of visiting Danes.

The hares were summoned to the ice to listen to the hashers critique their run. Even though they described their run as “flat and easy 7K”, there was unanimous agreement that the run was challenging and well marked. Everyone enjoyed the”A” site, especially NO CUNT TROLL, who staggered all over the site from beginning to end exhibiting no control! So, Good Job hares!!

EMPEROR AIRHEAD called out NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER to enlighten us on his trip to China to meet his future mate. Once again, he has corresponded with an unknown female in a country that has a reputation for harvesting organs from unsuspecting travelers. NNR assured us that he knew what he was doing this time and promised to take pictures of himself before and after the trip to reassure the PH3 members. Let’s pray all of NNR comes back to us.

The weekly award ceremony was as follows: SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD - 850 runs, VELCRO DICK - 450 runs, ARSE BANDIT - 100 runs, WHORE IN THE WINDOW - 100 run T-shirt, NECROPHILIA NIGHT RIDER - 300 runs T-Shirt and HOI WAN - 10 hares T-Shirt.

The GM had an easy go for the “Wanker of the Week” award. It seems ARSE BANDIT failed to get on any returning baht bus last week. He begged a ride ride from ANTIQUE who took him all the way home. When AB tried to write up the scribe report he found he had lost his notes. All was not lost for ANTIQUE found them in his car. Poor ARSE BANDIT, this is the 5th time he’s deserved this award! At least he can now say he’s a PH3 record holder!!

RA SCAR W/2T’S welcomed our two virgins, Tony from Maine and Doug from Oregon. Both Americans enjoyed the run and promised to return. SCAR W/2T’S commented on GING GANG GOOLIES being a fashion trendsetter. He thought maybe GOOLIES dressed himself in the dark with the finishing touch of black gum boots or sheep stabilizers. So, I guess we’ll have to wait and see if the GOOLIES' fashion sense catches on.

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER rambled and stumbled along, but out of his hilarious tirade we learned that PENELOPE PITSTOP gobbled like a turkey and she was going to gobble WINDOW WANKER in the morning. Additionally, KNOB MARLEY was a heterosexual gay, but only on Fridays. When LCF says this stuff, it’s really funny, but when I stop laughing, I have no idea what it all means!

The evening closed with the hares on the ice as STEPTOE sang for another great PH3 run.

On-On!  Jack Wow

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