Pattaya H3

Upcoming PH3 Run 1877
Thai-French Connection Memorial Run
Tuesday, February 25th 2020

VV, SKBC, Parisian Titi, Mr Waldorf, French Kiss, Street Cleaner, Two Time, Chip Chip, Dirty Pussy
Our French chef VV will be grilling his famous sausages for sale.
Highway 3240 - 7.6 km NW on Santi Kham Road
GPS:   12°59'54.03"N   100°58'14.69"E
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On-On Bar:  Nicky's Bar
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Run 1877 Map

A-Site Mis-Directions (those with own transport)

From Pattaya Klang, head North on Sukhumvit and take the flyover to Hwy 7. After about 9 km, exit Hwy 7 at Hwy 36 towards Rayong. Keep left on the entry ramp and do not join Hwy 36 but after 1.2 km turn left onto the 3240 heading towards Khao Mai Kaew. Continue on the 3240 for 3.0 km and turn left onto Santi Kham Road (HHH). Continue down this road for for 6.4 (passing over Hwy 7 after 4.5 km) and turn left (HHH) onto a track. Continue for 1.2 km to the A-Site on the left.

Maps not to scale and distances are approximate.
Maps oriented with North at top unless otherwise specified.

Mis-Information (for all others)

Meet on 3rd Road in front of the Buffalo Bar close to Soi Lengke. We start gathering at 2:30PM and free buses to the A-Site depart as they are filled. Last bus departs 3:00PM sharp. Sign ups are at the A-Site. First circle starts at 4:00PM. Second circle ends between 7:00 and 7:30PM. Buses will return you pick-up point after stopping by the on-on bar at the end of the run.

Meeting Point Map