Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1878 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Cannonball

As everybody came together the hares did promise a tough run for the runners. A big gathering of hashers and Beer Hunters were waiting for the greatness of the GM to say circle up. After instructions were given out everybody went on their way.

Circle Time

the runners were promised a tough time and they got it. As a walker I was glad as it was good trail for me. First up Hash Crash BLOW CANADA for running around cattle - a big no-no and then falling in the cattle shit. NINJA PRINCESS for falling a couple of times, but Daddy took it, UNSTABLE LOAD.

The GM thanked the hares for snacks provided by the hares. It was very nice of them. Thank you. Everybody thought that the run was well paper and tough. The walkers enjoyed. The GM thanked the hares for all their efforts and hard work.

Raffle Time

Always good time for the raffle and a lot of happy winners. The importance of the raffle - No Raffle, No Beach Social or other events the hash puts on. We should thank GM getting the prizes and CHIP CHIP for selling the tickets and respect HARD ON for calling the numbers. They do not get enough thanks.


Called in the hares and asked about their names. Thinking about a show he saw in America he said, HARD ON does not work. LIMP DICK is a good name. He said the hares did a great job.

Next was the PHANTOM Report. PHANTOM and KNICKERLESS had a motorcycle accident and had to stay in the hospital for two days. She stayed with him for the two days. He is okay now.

Virgins were called in and welcomed to the club. They were from Russia, UK, Thailand and USA.

BAHT BUS GESTAPO and his girlfriend BRASS MONKEY were called in and she was renamed DANCE MONKEY. MR POTATO HEAD was called in and wished a Happy 69th Birthday.

Awards Time

ODD-JOB congratulated for 450 runs. SHORT TIME, SAUSAGE HEAD, CHIP CHIP, PARISIAN TITI and SMOKEY'S NANNY 50 Runs t-shirts. SHE'S THE BOSS and CANNONBALL 100 runs t-shirts.


Called in one virgin for taking down-down beer and drinking before the runners came in - big no-no. DIRT LOONEY got called in for being a Hash Hero for doing VV job with the beer truck while he is away. Great job always stepping up, DIRT LOONEY.

He called in ROBBING BASTARD, MR POTATO HEAD and BAHT BUS GESTAPO, all long term returners and always welcome back. The Russian virgins were called in and asked if they had any friends, sisters, mothers for NO MORE CUM.

THE WIZARD's Wanker of the Week

The contestants are:
WANK-KING'S WANKER - current spoon holder.
NO MORE CUM - For his Russian Girls
Mark From London - not admitting he is from the shithole of the UK.
The Proud winner is Mark.

SCAR W/2T'S was called and wished happy birthday from BLOW CANADA. His birthday was last Tuesday. He was given the circle. He brought the hares in to ask about a check on the top of the mountain. They said it was to confuse everybody and keep everybody together. He didn't like the answer. He asked HARD ON what his job was and he said to drive them there. Turns out he did more than that. So he got a Sandwich that consisted of the bucket and block ice on top of him and his down down beer,

The hares were called in for the final song. BURL IVES did it for the hares.


On-On!  Cannonball

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