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PH3 Run 1879 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Atomic Muff Diver

The hashers circled up by GM for the day NO MORE CUM, for Christening of new shoes, introduction of Virgins and instructions from the Hares. Hares explained the run, dogs, barbed wire, cattle, crops etc. and distances 11 km for runners and 4 km for the walkers. Walkers got back in good time. After 1 hr 15 minutes you could see the Hares sweat no runners back so were the Walkers no beer drinking until the first runner gets back. After 1 hr 32 minutes the first runners appeared BEETROOT HEAD and DEL BOY, hares appeared relieved and congratulated for a good run by Hasher.

Circle Time

SCAR W/2T’S Circle, started by icing the 5 Hares while the thoughts/moans of Hashers were given, too much of everything as usual but all agreed a good marked trail for runners and walkers. The Hares were congratulated on an excellent run and food. Food sponsored by CANNONBALL, prepared by CASPER who again everyone agreed had made an excellent dish. SEAL SUCKER was given a Yellow Card for talking which kept him quiet.

THE WIZARD Circle, Raffle time, all winners very happy with their prizes. CHIP CHIP thanked for selling tickets and 2 winners iced for coming into the circle wearing waist bags.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD Circle, iced the 5 Hares and AFC again ended up in the bucket. The circle were told that these Hares are the typical Alpha males, leaders of Hashs. BANANAS was iced as a “toy boy” to an 86 years old lady he has been living with. STUPID KRAUT KUNT was iced a good organizer of Hashs the Octoberfest for one is retiring from working in Germany. Virgins brought into the circle a couple from Munich and 2 Americans it was explained to them that wherever they Hash the PH3 will always be their Mother Hash.

WANK-KING'S WANKER Circle, awards to THE WIZARD and PROFESSOR PINKY for 10 and 5 Hares, respectively. FUZZY LURE and FLYING FINN for 200 runs t-shirts.

NO MORE CUM Circle, iced ARSE BANDIT awarded Hash Trash, TOM BOY for Back check mistake and LOVE BOAT for bringing her own wine and spilling it awarded Hash Trash. All ladies iced for International Ladies Day.

SCAR W/2T’S Circle, iced STUPID KRAUT KUNT for ringing him under the influence of drink at 7am and 9am the next day for breakfast when he does not eat breakfast or awake until lunch time. FLYING FINN iced for reported as being sober for one day, asked several questions but could not answer any. Story of haring with FLYING FINN the other hares brought paper, staplers, paint etc. FLYING FINN brought a bottle of Vodka nothing else.

THE WIZARD Circle, iced SHE'S THE BOSS, HAPPY SURVIVOR who brought SAUSAGE HEAD and SICILIAN SISSY to the PH3 and are now both leaving Thailand were thanked for their contribution to the PH3 hash. Wanker of the Week Award - iced Mark Harris the holder, iced LIBERACE for cracked ribs, JELLO BUTT for trying to get on the free PH3 BBQ, PHANTOM and KNICKERLESS for falling off motorbike. Voting was carried out in the usual manner, the one who gets the loudest cheers wins. This resulted in LIBERACE being awarded Wanker of the Week spoon to wear around his neck.

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER Circle, iced PHANTOM and KNICKERLESS for very romantically going off into the bushes hand in hand to pee together. SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD iced, congratulated on Scotland’s win over France in the Six Nations Rugby tournament, but did not know the words to sing Flower of Scotland. LORD CHICKEN FUCKER advised on the drinking of whiskey to keep away the Corona virus and reported on the progress of Milwall FC in the football league.

NO MORE CUM Circle, called on the Hares to Sing. SPERM POLLUTER said he had a song based on the Beatles song “Yesterday” called “Birth Control” hares sang the song to the tune of Yesterday which went down very well with the circle, but advised not to give up their day jobs.

The final down downs given, Hash Hymn sang, the Hash departed happily after an excellent Hash and circle to the TQ on on bar.

On-On!  Atomic Muff Diver

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