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PH3 Run 1880 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Cannonball

The hashers circled up by the GM and given instructions by the Hares. As it was the St Paddy's Day run, they promised it was going to be a short run because there would be a lot a lot spirits.

Circle Time

After excellent soup made by CASPER and SPERM POLLUTER, time for Hash Crashes. Mark Harris got the Toilet Seat appeared that he maybe went swimming. BALL RINGER got the Hash helmet for taking a fall. BANANAS got ice for admitting his crash.

Hares to the ice

Good comments, good distance, maybe too much water but when you have spirits and food at A-Site everybody loves it. Well done Hares.

Raffle Time

If no raffle, then no Beach Social and events that club puts on each year. Thanks to CHIP CHIP for selling the raffle tickets. Thanks to FUCK OFF for donating two bottles of booze. DUCHESS TADPOLE was put on the ice for coming in the circle after winning her prize with her bumbag on. The big winner was KNICKERLESS. She won a roll toliet paper; becoming scarce now.


Always with good wisdom telling how St Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. He asked the hares about St Patrick's Day. FUCK OFF - it is a good day when he can get drunk. FLYING FINN says he learned about Irish history from his friends at the bar. EMPEROR AIRHEAD thanks CASPER and her friends for cooking.

NIGHT RIDER was called to the circle and was asked about his driving. How he got away with paying only $7,000 Baht fine instead of $20,000 Baht easy sleep in the car instead. SUPERVIRGIN and TV were welcomed back.

Hares Raffle - The lucky number was 23 won by VV, well deserved.


BANANAS Got red card for talking.
SUPERVIRGIN - 50 runs shirt, 5 hares shirt.
SIR WANDA - 50 runs shirt.
SPERM POLLUTER - 5 Hares - He is not sure but he got a whiskey and a beer and was happy.


DIRT LOONEY iced for breaking handle to the beer truck while VV was away. But he was thanked for his good effort for running the beer truck during that time. BEETROOT HEAD was given the swimmer of the week award. He was bragging how he is always ahead of SCAR.

DRINKS LIKE A GIRL was iced because of his underpants look like underwear we are family hash. SUPERVIRGIN, SIR WANDA, HERRING CHOKER were all iced. They all went out a couple of different days but could not remember coming home. I blame it on STUPID KRAUT KUNT. LORD CHICKEN FUCKER given red card.


LOVE BOAT called to ice racing her bike to the Buffalo Bar and leaving with no lock on her bike. UNSTABLE LOAD was put in the bucket for not admitting his Hash Crash and putting a check in two different directions; one has to be the right way.

MADAM SIN and ARSE BANDIT called to the ice. ARSE BANDIT was asked about MADAM SIN's Noodle Shop and what went wrong. The best quote from ARSE BANDIT about MADAM SIN, "Most expense cheap girl I ever had."

VV and the Belgians were called in. VV left Belgium in the morning. At nighttime they closed the borders so he good had Happy Hour all night.

THE WIZARD's Wanker of the Week

The nominees:
LIBERACE for having his rib cracked at a massage shop.
CRAZY GERMAN - When he found out about free Beach Social on Wednesday he decided to stay to Thursday even though he thinks Thailand is dangerous.
MADAM SIN For sitting in a chair in the circle and not being 70 years old.
The Winner again is MADAM SIN.

MR BEAN put in the bucket for talking too much.

The Hares were called in for their song. It was Irish song and it was good one. The final down downs were given out the Hash Hymn was lead by BEN 10 and BALL RINGER.

Thanks To SPASTIC WHORE KING volunteering for Hash Flash.

Another good day of hashing in the Land of Smiles. Thanks to the Hares and everybody that came out.

On-On!  Cannonball

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