Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1883 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Beverley Hills Pink Cock

Another Hash Run under “Covid Situation” saw a somewhat smaller number of runners gathering at the excellent A-site next to Siam Country Club with some area of the run crossing Siam Country Club land which gave us permission to do so. As it was VV and his Belgian/French crew haring today, everybody expected some swamp with shiggy waters to cross, particularly after the previous night endless thunderstorms.

GM called the first circle and introduced 3 virgins to the world of Hashing and after a couple of announcements VV as the lead Hare explained about the run, a runners and a walkers trail.

Although not one of the fittest of the day and breathing hard after a couple of months of only very occasional running, clever back-checks and checks kept me up with the front runners til the end to my surprise. At the beginning, a back-check through the swamp seemed to sour mooting some of the front runners who actually had to go through it twice, including myself. Followed by another couple of back-checks and real running trails we came to the hill of the day which seemed to slow everybody down and spread the pack somewhat out.

Certainly at this point of the run I started thinking where is the finish line and the cold beer? Everything seemed longer and more difficult, but probably because we're all a bit out of shape. DIRT LOONEY, running just behind me often kept me entertained although lost some speed and easily tired never stops talking, well, some sort of normal. He was also extremely focused in picking up the check sticks and back-checks and pointing them properly where others left them dismal, Hash Hero! All in all a great run with a bit of everything, for walkers and runners alike, everybody pleased, thanks to the Hares!

After some chilling out at the A-site and VV's delicious veal sausages BBQ, the GM called the second circle and puts all the 8 Hares on the ice, VV, SOUR KRAUT BONE COLLECTOR, MAYO QUEEN, SMOKEY TRUCKY FUCKY, ARSE VAN HOLE, PARISIAN TITI, DIRTY PUSSY and Eric Leroy, ice blocks neatly spread out considering “Social Distancing”. The comments on the run were all good and everybody concluded task excellent!

Thereafter HARD ON conducted the weekly Raffle with KNICKERLESS (3 X), Al, DIRTY PUSSY, GI JOE, TWO TIME and BEN 10 the lucky winners. Al, as Hash Hero forfeited his second winning and KNICKERLESS took it all, must have been because of her big Thai family somebody muttered.

Then it was Eric Leroy in the bucket as he has offended earlier by talking on his phone while sitting on the ice... Circle handed over to SPERM POLLUTER who introduces and interviews the virgins: Hanna from Ukraine in her sporty swimsuit competition dress which even caused a dire desire with a normally relaxed REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD, spotted and pointed out correctly by SEAL SUCKER. Then Andrew from Swansea, friend of Al and young Edward from Holland who desperately tried to keep up with the FRB's today and ended rather knackered.... Will they come back? Sure! All enjoyed it!

Following the GM ices HARD ON, CRAZY GERMAN and MR. BEAN not only for congratulating them to bring along virgins to the run but also for not telling them or checking if they were wearing a Hash Shirt in the second circle. None of them did. That deserves some punishment! Also Kiwi Al followed in the bucket for second time not wearing a Hash Shirt in the circle and HARD ON as his sponsor follows in the bucket for not telling him.

Next was WANK-KING'S WANKER on ice as he phones the GM on Sundays to ask where the Baht Buses are to take him to the run, first signs of Alzheimer....

The Special Covid Award created by the GM was won by NA HEE MAN for being stranded through “Covid” in Pattaya before departing to the Philippines.
Then it was WANK-KING'S WANKER's turn to award SMOKEY TRUCKY FUCKY for 100 Runs, well done!

The GM honored LORD CHICKEN FUCKER with a seat on the ice for waiting in vain for the Baht Bus last week to pick him up to go to the run, wrong place no run... Next LORD CHICKEN FUCKER ices himself again as he is convinced that will spare him of contracting Covid 19 and he is is good company with Donald Trump who favors to drink Clorox to kill the virus!

Last but not least the Hares were unable to present a decent Hare Song and LORD CHICKEN FUCKER jumps in and choreographs the amazing “Song of Silence” to everybody amusement!

Concluding Hash Hymn and it was off to the On-On Bar, I believe it was Nicky's this week.

Great Run, Great Hares all Fun!

On-On!  Beverley Hills Pink Cock

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