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Scribing doesn't seem to be a very popular activity. If you don't like this report, you automatically volunteer to write the next one.

The location was shady and beautiful. It is the rainy season, and everything was green and not dusty. The run was not too undulating and very bucolic. There were vistas of Jomtien and Pattaya, with the Gulf of Siam in the background.

Crops seen on the farms included cassava, rubber, corn, palm oil.

Cassava cultivation in Thailand covers 8.8 million rai, producing 33 million tons of fresh roots annually from some 500,000 households, worth more than 100 billion baht. Its domestic price is around 13thb/Kg. I don't know what they do with the cassava leaves, here. In Indonesia, they serve the delicious leaves boiled at Padang restaurants as "daun singkong" -- similar in texture to spinach.

After 11 runs here at Pattaya I'm just starting to suss out how the sticks work. I think everyone just assumes that Hashers that come from outside of Pattaya automatically know what the cryptic stick language means. As far as I can tell, red sticks means it's a check, and the actual trail can be at least 100m away so you have to check some huge area. If you come to blue it means it's a false trail and someone is supposed to bring the sticks back to where the red sticks are and make an arrow pointing in the true trail direction. I don't know whether that's correct, it's just what I gather.

Eventually, we had our Circle and these are my notes:

Hash Trash: Cartoon Network hat for MADAM SIN and a used prophylactic for FLATULENCE

Master brandishes a squirt gun to erect discipline for people who cannot shut up

Run disgusting: Great views, good job

Raffle: Personally, I don't enjoy it. I don't know what it has to do with Hashing, but hey some people like it; who am I to judge?

Namings: Ping got named PING PONG but that is really appropriate cuz some of us were in Pong, Sunday. Al got named FLEECE LIFTER

We had a backslider, VIRGIN LOSER, who took a 17-year hiatus from Hashing. A good thing about extended life spans is that we can take breaks from activities for decades then get right back into them! Anyway, we hope we'll see him again before 2037.

HARD ON had five Hares

Discussion from the Jungle Hash on their current dramas. Let's just be positive, guys -- Hashes are clubs for running around and getting drunk and making fun of each other. Maybe remain less serious, eh? When there is controversy, remember:
Rule number 1 - the Master is always right.
Rule number 2 - when the Master is wrong, refer to rule number 1

FLEECE LIFTER had to stay in the bucket because he had no beverage

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER had some huge number of runs and entertained us with his wit

There's a Jungle Hash happening on Koh Larn on August 16th. Should be very interesting!

FUCK OFF and SPERM POLLUTER were holding umbrellas because there was a little bit of rain. I hope they kept the ice dry.

The Hares all sat on the ice while MR BEAN sang a freshly imported song about a yellow bonnet during the merry month of May. It is a song where everyone instantly knows the chorus.

Various and sundry down-downs were offered.

We sang "Swing Low", with the usual choreography, and then all went back to the city to visit Nicky's Bar.

On-On!  Mr Bean

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