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If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise...
( "If" — Rudyard Kipling)

Run 1892 Online Reviews: "A relatively short but challenging run was presented by the hares, and it was clear to everyone the amount of hard work that had gone into preparing the trail. Lots of dense scrub and tall grass had to be negotiated not to mention the steep ascent and descent but everyone was in agreement that it was indeed a fabulous trail!

A lively circle was followed up by some more drinks and delicious food at Nicky's. All in all another great day. As usual, thanks to everyone that contributed to the event! On On

"Quite right about a lot of work went into that trail. Well done, although I think those that did the Tough Walkers trail that had to do that section might share a different opinion. ??"

The location was that Buddhist camp out in the hills. Our Hares obviously knew the area really well from all the Hashes and non-Hashes that have been laid out there. Oh that trail was so good! There was a wimpy walkers trail and a non-wimpy walkers trail, and a running trail. Outstanding job by the Hares! I went on the non-wimpy walkers trail and it was really great. It went through some dense jungle but somehow there were some old logging roads that the trail followed to make it easy. We went over the hill through the jungle. It came out and there were some vistas of all the coasts from Sriracha down to Jontiem. Amazing!

Snacks were served. Baguettes were available for sale. Compliments to those who make it possible.

The circle started in the usual way. In the ceremony there was Hash Crash, and Hash Trash. The review of the trails was unanimously great. I'm thinking that the Hares collectively have the requisite 10000 hours to be masters of their domains.

There was the raffle, which people seem to find really funny.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD wanted to go deeper into the personalities of the Hares. He was very happy that the PH3 signs were prominent and he survived the motorcycle ride to the site. LIBERACE is the money man and he had 500 runs. We all agreed that we would be broke without him. LIBERACE was renamed DAME LIBERACE, Now when I think of dames, this song comes to mind:

Lots of things in life are beautiful, but brother,
There is one particular thing that is nothin' whatsoever
In any way, shape or form like any other.
There is nothin' like a dame,
Nothin' in the world,
There is nothin' you can name
That is anything like a dame!

So suppose a dame ain't right
Or completely free from flaws,
Or as faithful as a bird dog,
Or as kind as Santa Claus,
It's a waste of time to worry
Over things that they have not,
Be thankful for the things they got!
( "There Is Nothing Like a Dame" - from the 1949 musical South Pacific )

Les needs a cruel name or a cool name but we're not sure yet.

UNSTABLE LOAD is ready. HARD ON got a shirt for five Hares plus 50 runs. SPERM POLLUTER got a shirt for 10 Hares. 100 runs for HAPPY SURVIVOR. 450 runs for GANGREEN. KNICKERLESS got 100 runs in one year which is amazing; WANK-KING'S WANKER may have been mistaken. BALL RINGER had 750 runs and his kiddo, BEN 10, had 250 runs. CHIP CHIP, whose name reminds me of the movie Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang or some other fantastic movie from the 1970s, got a shirt rewarded for five Hares .

THE WIZARD was nominated for Wanker of the Week because he managed to spam all his Facebook friends with Big-See-You-Next-Tuesday's promotion. Everyone from outside of Thailand thought he had cancer (the big C). Those of us inside of Thailand know it stands for big chicken. A fair and balanced election was held with MR BEAN running unopposed to continue his reign as Wanker of the Week for doing nothing wrong for another week. It was unanimous.

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER told us about LIBERACE who never put his dick in prison. CANNONBALL allegedly lost his grillefiend.

We called on the Hares to sing us a song and they showed us their ring, but then actually sang a song.

There was a final down down to finish off the down down beer for everyone who needed it. We sang Swing Low (which may be getting purged from the Land Of The Free) and pissed off.

On-after it was Nicky's Bar & Guesthouse, who served a lovely hardy chicken-carrot-potato stew, with French bread. We always appreciate the on-after bars' generosity.

On-On!  Mr Bean

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