Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1904 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Mr Bean

Food and beverages: VV + Special bartender Sperm Polluter
63 Hashers. Somewhere in Huai Yai. Walkers' trail was less than 3Km. I measured an elevation gain of 75m.

See our data-rich website for details of attendees' names, etc. Our hard-working Webmasters keep us up to date with all the Hash data.

Hash Crash -- Olaf hit the ground abruptly because of all the vines on one part of the trail. He looked like he got in a fight. He'll have a good story to tell the ladies. "Where did you get that scar across the bridge of your nose?" Olaf was accused of walking around the downed Hasher. Olaf had extracted himself from the bramble quickly. I like the wild and natural trails much better than the easy roads and wide paths. I suspect a machete was involved -- kudos to the Hares for the extra effort.

"Where the shit goes the smell follows" -- philosophy!
"A small penis, well delivered." Maybe someone's been on the receiving end of it.
"Next week will be the same as this week only in reverse."

Run disgusting:
Seal Sucker said it had something to do with the Bangkok run.
"Easy Rambo"
"Very nice trail"
"Good trail", and another "Good trail".
"Good run, the boys painted the stick"
One of the Hares said, "I set the whole thing with Dirt Looney in mind."
"Lumberjack trail"
"We're going to Phuket"
"Wonderful run"

Many of us enjoyed the special alternate beers. The Hares generously donated a giant tub of imported Lao beer with different flavors (IPA, white, dark) and even some with high alcohol content (6.5% for the dark).

The raffle was held with extra donations from GI Joe

Wankings Wanker held the circle
10 20 40 Hares awarded
Professor Pinky had five Hares

CASPER was congratulated for 10 Hared Runs with PH3
GI JOE was congratulated for 20 Hared Runs with PH3
LADY SQUEEZE MY TUBE was congratulated for 10 Hared Runs with PH3
PROFESSOR PINKY was awarded a T-Shirt for 5 Hared Runs with PH3

Blowinski was falsely accused by The Wizard of not wearing a Hash shirt, although he was really wearing a Hash shirt as underwear under his unofficial and perhaps misnomered "Blow Lewinsky" vanity shirt. He got to wear the special PH3 abuse shirt, to the cruel amusement of the circle.

Lord Chicken Fucker was turning 75 the next day. We weren't sure whether to buy cake and candles because they might not get used, on account of such an advanced age. Just like some of us never buy green bananas... The circle dug up one Hasher in attendance who is actually a little older -- impressive.

Mr. Fucker said something about footballers going on their knees, and why did they all turn transgender all of a sudden? The sports crowd all yelled "Booooobs!"
"I am because I am" -- more deep philosophy!
There was a discussion of leg-over versus leg-under
"Soi Bukau gynecology!" -- what was the context? Someone should look into that.
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas lost their virginity, or a chair. In the words of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" song, released in 1983, "The chair is not my son."

The Hare song was "Me No Likee Blitish Soldier". Living in Pattaya, it's hard to imagine any scenario like that happening anywhere near here!

The Chariot was Swung Low.

On-after was at Nicky's Bar, who sponsored some curry goodness for us.

I hope everyone has enjoyed smoking on the baht buses. It has now been banned by the Committee. We will only be allowed to smoke diesel fumes, now. Such smoke continues to be included for free with your ride.

Also remember the semi-unwritten rule about no photography in the second circle. We have a Scribe to remember clearly, and with photographic accuracy, any and all scenarios that might need to be recreated and published for the world to imagine.

On-On!  Mr Bean

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