Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1908 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Mr Bean

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder" - 1602 anonymous poem
"Abscess makes the farts grow stronger" - My dentist

Sometimes when things are normal we think: oh that's enough Hashing for now, I'm fine, I'm all set. However, when we're not allowed to do it by edict we really feel its loss. I was quite excited to read the news that Hashing would be restarting in Pattaya. February first was definitely a ragey day with local bars also open on that same date.

There was a crowd of 76 people. Eight virgins showed up. The Hares were Spastic Whore King and Golden Rivet. It was a beautiful A site with a shelter included.

Hamburg Whore House was a backslider The last Hash he attended to was the one just before the clampdown in 2020. That was a great run and a really edgy Hash day. There was an atmosphere of doom and pre-apocalypse. People didn't know what the future was holding quite as much as maybe we do now. We drank in anticipation of a dark period.

Spastic Whore King and Golden Rivet were given kudos as they managed to Hare the run on very short notice. Confirmation was just two days previous. Many thanks were given to all who contributed.

There was a long run discussion; everyone liked it -- unanimously excellent. Personally, I thought it was splendid except for one section where we went through a pineapple field. I managed to keep all the blood inside my shins by wearing high socks.

The Wizard gave us all some Hashing advice: If you want to follow paper you can, or just circle the A site.


Awards: Scar with Two Ts 300 runs, Chicken Fucker 1200 runs, Casper 10 Hares, Squeeze my Tubes 10 Hares.

Birthdays: She's the Boss and The Wizard. The traditional Hashy Birthday song was a sung. Thence, we all moved one day closer to death...

Ging Gang Guli got Hash Trash and also gets to pay 400 for replacement of the fancy shirt that he lost.

Scar with Two Ts took the circle. All the virgins got diverginized in a mass ceremony.

Stupid Krout Cunt, Sheik of Berlin had brought seven virgins, all employees of a bar who must have been an amazing sights for them, seeing us goofing around.

Mr. Bean got bucket-tortured for telling a story that Scar with Two Ts did not understand. He should ask for a translation next time he is having trouble. That ice does feel great when it stops.

Rose helped so many alcoholics in their time of need.

All the gentlemen who were born in February 1961 came in for a down-down. We must agree they are all old AF.

Flatulence and Pong tied the knot during the last hiatus. Those are two names that go together well.

Mr. Bean won Wanker of the Week for sharing Nosh experiences and photos on social media. He will know better than to do any public writing ever again.

Singing Granny was declared a GILF, turns out she's a famous singer. She went ahead and proved it. Lewinsky did an interpretive dance for the performance.

Chicken Fucker was required to do 5 minutes of circle direction. All the recent virgins got to experience the joy of sitting on ice. Apparently, one of the benefits is to make one's flange smaller. Knowledge of pipefitting always comes in handy.

All the men who were wearing orange volunteered to sit on the ice, too. I think they were from Belgium / Ireland.

Sperm Polluter sang a football song for The Wizard who received a wee cake that was not representative of the amount of work and effort given to this club in the last 2 years. A cake to scale would not have fit in the beer truck.

The Hare song was something about fat people, but I was in a dialect that I'm not familiar with.

On-On!  Mr Bean

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