Pattaya H3

Next PH3 Run 1908
Hashing Suspended
Monday, January 18th 2021

No PH3 Run today
Hashing suspended - Will inform you when situation changes.
No PH3 Run. Coords are for stat/end of NOSH trail near BMX stadium off Hwy 331.
GPS:   12°51'45.93"N   101° 2'23.16"E
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On-On Bar:  
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Run 1908 Map

A-Site Mis-Directions (those with own transport)

No PH3 run. However, there will be a NOSH trail set near BMX stadium off Hwy 331 (Sth of Huay yai Road).

More details about trail. Click Here for NOSH21C info

Google Maps Directions: Click Here for directions to NOSH21C

Maps not to scale and distances are approximate.
Maps oriented with North at top unless otherwise specified.

Mis-Information (for all others)

Meet on 3rd Road in front of the Buffalo Bar close to Soi Lengke. We start gathering at 2:30PM and free buses to the A-Site depart as they are filled. Last bus departs 3:00PM sharp. Sign ups are at the A-Site. First circle starts at 4:00PM. Second circle ends between 7:00 and 7:30PM. Buses will return you pick-up point after stopping by the on-on bar at the end of the run.

Meeting Point Map