Pattaya H3

PH3 Run 1910 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Fleece Lifter

Post run and after a relaxed period of beer, the usual fruit and chips, SHES THE BOSS kindly provided cheese cubes, crackers, salmon dip and cocktail tomatoes, what a champ. The Grand Master called the 2nd circle to order and put Hans from the Netherlands, BALLRINGER, SUNSHINE, and SOUR KRAUT BONE COLLECTOR on ice for hash crashes. Sour Kraut denied a crash but wasn’t spared the down down. It was noted that on crashing on trail BALLRINGER had appeared to be a turtle on its back, his hands and feet in the air furiously pumping.

GI JOE took the circle and put the hares on the ice – THE  WIZARD, SPERM POLLUTER and SHES THE BOSS. We found out that after more lies by the hares pre run, specifically that it was going to be flatter than the prior week, the common denominator was the lying bastard SPERM POLLUTER – never believe him. Comments on the run/walk were sought from FLEECE LIFTER, Steve Small, and BEETROOT HEAD, the consensus was that it was a good, hard run, but definitely not flat. Perhaps next time they can consider ropes and harnesses. The beer hunters enjoyed their outing and SIR REALLY SADISTIC BASTARD said his time was very wet. Down downs for the hares

The GM took the circle and acknowledged current members of the committee, and thanked them for all their effort and hard work week in and week out to keep things running smoothly. Members present were WIZARD, GI JOE, VV, UNSTABLE LOAD, DAME LIBERACE, FLATULENCE, FRENCH KISS, SOUR KRAUT BONE COLLECTOR, EMPOROR AIRHEAD and WANK KINGS WANKER. Absent were SCAR WITH 2T’S, NO MORE CUM and PUSSY SNATCHER.

On to the raffle, the wine was taken by one of the Thai ladies, BILLY NO MATES took a frying pan, SOUR KRAUT BONE COLLECTOR the Siambury voucher, Sangsom was taken by person unknown to scribe, SINGING GRANNY took the cookies, LOST CAUSE the Olive Oil, POPCORN QUEEN took a bag of unknown contents, LOST CAUSE graciously donated the bag of money to the Nicky’s fundraiser.

EMPEROR AIRHEAD took the circle and iced the GM, he was thanked for all his hard work and contribution to the club. The hares were iced. SHES THE BOSS took the ice while EA explained to us that Slovenians and Slovakians are somehow different – bullshit they’re same same. We were introduced to Lenka from Slovsomething, certainly easier on the eyes than SHES THE BOSS, but for some reason SPERM POLLUTER kept addressing her in Russian. Steve Small our virgin from Canada was brought into the circle, it’s almost as if he’s been named already, welcome and hope to see you again.

The GM took the circle and put the Belgians on the ice for talking amongst themselves by the truck. SOUR KRAUT BONE COLLECTOR made a spectacular entrance as he slid down the ice into the dirt, a live hash crash. GING GANG GOOLIES was put in the bucket because that’s where he deserves to go. WANK KINGS WANKER was put on the ice but recognised for his dedicated contribution to the club, happy retirement dawg and welcome back from your hiatus. SEAL SUCKER was voted wanker of the week as he’s a regular crowd favourite. SUNSHINE, stuck in Thailand as the Philippines doesn’t want him told us of his love of Bridge, he’s looking forward to 69, what person doesn’t? DON’T SQUEEZE MY BALLS who is proud of being nearly 65 was categorised as a bogan Australian, but as a single citizenship holder counts himself as a real Ozzie – oi oi oi!

LORD CHICKEN FUCKER arrived at the circle with some exposed wrinkly meat, having been told to fuck off by the Thai ladies, who could blame them. BALLRINGER was iced, with his hash crash helmet on there was some conjecture as to BEN 10 (absent) being confused tonight by BR with the policeman who comes over to root his mother every Monday night, it might be time for the birds and the bees talk, BR. FUCKOFF, SMOKEY TRUCKIE FUCKY and PARISIAN TITTY were iced, his better half CHIP CHIP was brought in and told to only have sex inside the circle, not with the man of African descent that LCF had seen earlier. FLEECE LIFTER was iced for being the scribe, but noted that he was going to take very special care of LCF, this made LCF worried which is no mean feat, but as he barely got anyone’s name right all night it was clear that the Alzheimer’s and dementia were exhibiting so he promptly forgot.

The GM took the circle. SHES THE BOSS was thanked for the snacks, he’s been shitfaced for 4 days in a row from 7am, well done that’s what I call training. SINGING GRANNY sang for the hares, but was banned from Ra-ta-ta-ta, I’m sure next week we’ll hear it.

SPERM POLLUTER sang the final down down for SUNSHINE, BLOW LEWINSKY, BILLY NO MATES, Hans from the Netherlands and BEETROOT HEAD. The hash hymn was sung and roadies taken for the trip back to town.

On-On!  Fleece Lifter

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