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PH3 Run 1911 Scribe

Show Scribe Report by Mr Bean

The Circuit Paul Ricard is a French motorsport race track built in 1969 at Le Castellet, Var, near Marseille, with finance from pastis magnate Paul Ricard. Ricard wanted to experience the challenge of building a racetrack. Opened in April 1970, the circuit's innovative facilities made it one of the safest motor racing circuits in the world at the time of its opening. The circuit had three track layout permutations, a large industrial park and an airstrip. The combination of modern facilities, mild winter weather and an airstrip made it popular amongst racing teams for car testing during the annual winter off-season.Since the Hash is currently in a perpetual off-season, the Hares attempted a foot-powered version through local conditions. No deaths were reported.

The country of France emerged from the fragmentation of the larger Carolingian empire, when Hugh Capet became King of West Francia in 987. (The Wizard became Grand Master much more recently.) That kingdom consolidated power and expanded territorially, becoming known as “France.” Early wars were fought over land with English monarchs, including the Hundred Years War, then against the Habsburgs, especially after the latter inherited Spain and appeared to surround France. At one point France was closely associated with the Avignon Papacy, and experienced wars of religion after the Reformation between a twisting combination of Catholic and Protestant. (Basically like the schism between Pattaya Jungle H3 and Pattaya H3.) French royal power reached its peak with the reign of Louis XIV (1642–1715), and French culture dominated Europe like ten hares dominated Monday's Hash...

French and Indian War, the American phase of a worldwide nine years’ war (1754–63), was fought between France and Great Britain. It determined control of the vast colonial territory of North America. Hashing was not yet invented, but trails were popular.

The French Revolution, which began in 1789, overthrew Louis XVI (1754–1793) and established a republic. France found itself fighting wars and exporting its world-changing events across Europe.The French Revolution was soon eclipsed by the imperial ambitions of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769–1821), and the ensuing Napoleonic Wars saw France first militarily dominate Europe, then be defeated. The monarchy was restored, but instability followed and a second republic, second empire, and third republic followed in the nineteenth century. The twentieth century was marked by two German invasions, in 1914 and 1940, and a return to a democratic republic after liberation. France is currently in its Fifth Republic, established in 1959. I am quite sure that all those wars involved a great amount of mud. Somehow the ten Hares on this Hash were able to find some muddy wetland in the middle of a four-month drought. Most hashes these days are like walking through a giant sand trap that goes on for miles at a time. Quagmire (le bourbier) is good on Hashes, bad in wars.

At the end of the trail we were treated to a drink stop with delicious liqueur and cheese (le fromage), washed down with potato chips (chips de pommes de terre).

The circle:

First things first, a pink singlet Hash Trash was found and Ass Van Hole put it on. It was only about 10 sizes too small but looked good. Then he didn't have a Hash shirt on, which is against the rules.

Singing granny lost her friend.

All Hares in the bucket except les femmes.

Run discussion:

"Too many hills." "Little muddy." "Great trail." "How did he find so much fucking mud?" "Scar you can do it." "I had a blister." "It took 9 years to do it." "Enjoyed it." Sandy. Tampax thought he knew where he was, but didn't..

The awards were presented by Sperm Polluter. The awards were GI Joe had 800 runs.

Scar with Two Ts turned 60. Scar with Two Ts took the circle:
Private party. Does chivalry include girls not going in the bucket, only boys? Beer hunters are still impotent. Ode to those who go through detention coming into the Kingdom. We'd be more boring without them. It would just be the same guys we have to look at every week. Dirt Looney talked with himself.

Wanker of the Week:
Ging Gang Gooly won for bringing in a non-specific Hash Trash that was too petite to even fit him. Mr. Bean came in second for being himself.

Purple berets apparently are for Belgian paratroopers. If at first you don't succeed, paratrooping is not for you. Unstable Load was an actual real Belgian paratrooper. He tried to give us a history lesson, but we don't even know the geography of that place and have no attention span. Is it even big enough to fly a plane over and jump out of it before you go into Liechtenstein?

Lord Chicken Fucker went:
He spoke about Alzheimer's, fellatio, balloons. The walk was a bit short again!
(I've been thinking that if I can reduce my bodily pain down to 95% I should always traverse the running trail.)

Mr Small advised on how to get big. He has ambitions to become a human tripod.

There was an attempt at a Hare song. Are we the most musically retarded Hash in the world? I'll have to ask the Mobile Alabama Hash, who didn't even know the song 'In Mobile'.

Hash Hymn was sung. We always eschew the best verse:

I'm sometimes up and sometimes down
Coming for to carry me home
One thing I knows, I'm heavenly bound
Coming for to carry me home

On-On!  Mr Bean

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