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PH3 Run 1914 Scribe

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Burl-Ives-style semi-historical trivia:
Though one of Ireland’s patron saints, Patrick was born in Roman Britain around the year 390. According to the traditional narrative, at 16 he was enslaved by Irish raiders who attacked his home; they transported him to Ireland and held him captive for six years. Patrick then fled to England, where he received religious instruction before returning to Ireland to serve as a missionary.

His birthplace doesn’t mean Patrick was technically a Brit. During his lifetime the British Isles were occupied by the Romans, a group that included Patrick’s parents and thus the saint himself. It is unknown whether his family, thought to have been part of the Roman aristocracy, was of indigenous Celtic descent, or hailed from modern-day Italy. When Patrick penned the two surviving documents attributed to him, he wrote in Latin and signed his name “Patricius,” but according to some accounts he was born Maewyn Succat (good Hash name basis).

Evidence suggests that post-glacial Ireland never had snakes, so that Patrick story of him banishing all snakes from the island is fake news. I have seen evidence that Pattaya has snakes, however, so don't get bitten.

Hash Review by The Wizard:
"A huge turnout was treated to a decorated A site with flags and balloons and the sound of traditional Irish music being played. The trail was more or less as described by the hares, flat, fast and suited to the runners, though they misled us when they said it was dry! Complaints were few and far between as upon return to the A site we were greeted by the hares who were dishing out shots of various Irish whiskies. Furthermore Irish Stew and Irish Coffee was also provided. The circle was as raucous as you might expect with the volume of additional alcohol being consumed, the highlight being the audience participation of the hares song. All in all a great effort by the hares and very much appreciated by us all. A good crowd made it back to I-Rovers for more fun, food and beer. Thanks to everyone that contributed to another memorable day. "

Sperm Polluter said that Walking Trail was 4.5 kilometers, and confirmed with Mr, Bean that is was 4.5 miles. It was actually 4 miles.

An unusual Walkers' check was promised.

The trail went across some small creeks. The first one I tried to jump across and as I landed in the mud on the other side it sucked off my shoe. The second creek crossing, I just waded through, and it was about a foot deep. It was shiggylicious!

The rest was mostly farmland.

The Hares supplied flags and balloons, Irish stew, and Irish coffee.

The Circle:

Down-down beverages were supplemented by Jameson Irish Whiskey, verily a treat!

Hash Crash, and Shit: Steve Small, and GI Joe

Run discussion:
Dirty shoes complaint
"Mostly okay"
"Great run"
"Good checks"
"Good trail"

Singing granny lost her Beer Hunter virginity


Scar TT honored the Hares
Everybody happy
Six virgins had a good day
Some ladies wanted to buy Hash shirts but they only had 400b haute couture versions of awkward sizes. Prêt-à-porter!

Someone said "she's the boss", She's the Boss heard his name invoked and appeared in the circle. Ice was necessary.

Beverly Hills Pink Pussy was afraid of the squalid infected shiggy

Mrs. Nike shall now be known as Just Do Me

The Wizard was accused of wrong-cycling

Free medical advice: The ice is good for you. It repairs the wrinkles on your ring.

Singing Granny was given a farewell. She wanted to sing, but it was too late. No singing for the Singing Granny allowed!

The Hares sang "What Shall We Do With the Drunken Hasher". "Way hay/Up she rises" was the group chorus.

Peler (Ex 1990s Bandung HHH like me!) 400 Pattaya HHH runs
Billion Sucker five Hares

On-On!  Mr Bean

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