Run Site Locator


Essentially a page with either a dropdown box with all siteAreas from pattayah_webdetails database. When any area is clicked all runSites in that area will be listed. depending on page look we may list all Sites in that area or just one at a time.

How to do it

  • Create page template to allow modified content including READ-ONLY access to:
  • host: localhost; user: pattayah_user;  pswd: on!on!PH3-2016;  dbname: pattayh_webdetails
  • Will appear as normal page with sidebar built off page.php – site-selector.php
  • Will use class WebDetails.class.php in folder ‘class‘ under childOfTwentytwelve for now until placed in plugin or likewise
  • will be self updating page using AJAX calling an innerHTML javascript call in a footer template – footer-site-selector.php
  • Page content coding will be in php in content-site-selector