Pattaya H3

Special Runs 2019
PH3 Special Runs for the Year

PH3 hosts a number of Special Runs each year; some sponsored by the Hares, some by the Mis-Management Committee and some simply named. Any National Day or Group event that wants sponsorship need to approach Mis-Management well in advance with a thought out proposal for review and approval. No Shirt design will be printed with a PH3 LOGO until approved by Committee.

This table has been approved by the Mis-Management Committee. Even after approval all dates are subject to change as the year progresses. It is also expected that additional events will be added as year advances. PH3 Special Runs requesting PH3 financial support require clearance from Mis-Management 30 days in advance of the run.
January 7 - PH3 Run 1818
PH3 35th Anniversary Run
VV, Scar W/2T's, Phantom and No More Cum
Buffalo BarHighway 36 - across from old Bira Racetrack
January 28 - PH3 Run 1821
Annual General Piss Up Run
The Wizard, Mental Disorder and Menstrual Disorder
Tahitian QueenHighway 331 - across from Police Station
February 11 - PH3 Run 1823
Valentines Day Run
Scar W2TS, Bell Star, Mental Disorder and Menstrual Disorder
I-RoversSoi Paradise Villa - Monastery Hill
March 11 - PH3 Run 1827
St. Paddy's Day Run
Kee Mah, Redcoat and Wank-King's Wanker
Nicky's BarSoi Wat Yan Sanwararam – 8.1 km E of Sukhumvit
April 22 - PH3 Run 1833
St. George's Day Run
Lord Chicken Fucker, Tampax, Turd Burglar and Pole Fucker
Tahitian QueenHighway 331 - 2.4 km N of Hwy 3240
May 20 - PH3 Run 1837
Scotch on the Rocks Run
Dirt Looney, Sir Really Sadistic Bastard and Andy Whorehole
Tahitian QueenHighway 331 - 250m N of Soi Phoenix CC
June 3 - PH3 Run 1839
The Betty Boop Run
Lost Cause, Two Time, Duchess Tadpole, Telly Tubby, Miss Use Me, Hoi Wan, VV, Golden Rivet
I-RoversSoi Paradise Villa - 3.5 km N along Soi 9
July 1 - PH3 Run 1843
American Independence Day Run
Emperor Airhead, Sir Spag, Night Rider and Wank-King's Wanker
I-RoversHighway 3240 - Thai Water Authority - Map Prachan SW shore
July 15 - PH3 Run 1845
Belgian National Day Run
VV, Mayo Queen, Sour Kraut Bone Collector, Parisian Titi, French Kiss, Arse van Hole, Unstable Load
Buffalo BarPallet Lane - 1.7 km East of Highway 7
July 22 - PH3 Run 1846
The Aussie Run
The Aussie Crew and Thai friends
Tahitian QueenHighway 3240 - Khao Mai Kaew - The Aussie Site
September 2 - PH3 Run 1852
The Veterans Run
The Wizard, Sauce for the Goose
Buffalo BarHighway 331 - Asian University
October 21 - PH3 Run 1859
The Oktoberfest Run
VV, Stupid Kraut Kunt, Paprika Smiley, Velcro Dick, Sour Kraut Bone Collector, TV, Supervirgin, Billion Sucker
Lucky LoveHighway 36 - behind Shell Station 1 km E of 3240
October 28 - PH3 Run 1860
The Halloween Run
Hard On, Sausage Head, She's the Boss, Dog Licks Its Dick, Happy Survivor
Buffalo BarPhoenix CC Road - 8 km E of Sukhumvit - just after new flyover
December 9 - PH3 Run 1866
The Belgian Run
VV, Kiss My Toot, Street Cleaner, Mayo Queen, Unstable Load, Smokey Trucky Fucky, Stephane, Francis
I-RoversHighway 7 - Pallet Lane - Hua Khun Chit lakeside
December 23 - PH3 Run 1868
The Christmas Run
Odd-Job, Liberace, Scar w/2T's
Buffalo BarHighway 3240 – Khao Mai Kaew – Aussie Site over causeway
December 30 - PH3 Run 1869
The New Years Run
Sour Kraut Bone Collector, She's The Boss, Happy Survivor, Sausage Head,Ging Gang Goolies
Nicky's BarHighway 36 - 2.7 km E on Shell Station Road