Pattaya H3

Special Runs 2020
PH3 Special Runs for the Year

PH3 hosts a number of Special Runs each year; some sponsored by the Hares, some by the Mis-Management Committee and some simply named. Any National Day or Group event that wants sponsorship need to approach Mis-Management well in advance with a thought out proposal for review and approval. No Shirt design will be printed with a PH3 LOGO until approved by Committee.

This table has been approved by the Mis-Management Committee. Even after approval all dates are subject to change as the year progresses. It is also expected that additional events will be added as year advances. PH3 Special Runs requesting PH3 financial support require clearance from Mis-Management 30 days in advance of the run.
January 27 - PH3 Run 1873
Annual General Piss Up Run
The Wizard, Sperm Polluter
Nicky's BarPallet Lane - 1.7 km East of Highway 7
February 10 - PH3 Run 1875
Valentines Day Run
Unstable Load, Ninja Princess, Sperm Polluter, Casper
Tahitian QueenHighway 331 - 2.6 km N of Soi Huai Yai
March 9 - PH3 Run 1879
The Joint GM's Run
Cannonball, Sperm Polluter, The Wizard, Absolutely Fucking Clueless, Pinky
Tahitian QueenHighway 7 - Pallet Lane - Monk's Retreat
March 16 - PH3 Run 1880
St. Paddy's Day Run
Sperm Polluter, Wank-King's Wanker, Paprika Smiley, Fuck Off, Casper, Flying Finn, Blade Walker, Pole Fucker
Buffalo BarHighway 331 - 3 km E on BMX Road S of Huay Yai
September 7 - PH3 Run 1891
The Veterans Run
The Wizard, Sperm Polluter, Wank-King's Wanker
I-RoversHighway 331 - 3 km E on BMX Road S of Huay Yai
October 26 - PH3 Run 1898
The Halloween Run
VV, Two Time and Tampax
Nicky's Barmap needed
November 2 - PH3 Run 1899
Loi Krathong Run
PH3 Harriettes
I-Roversmap needed
December 14 - PH3 Run 1905
The Belgian Run
VV and the Belgians
Nicky's Barmap needed
December 21 - PH3 Run 1906
The Christmas Run
hares needed
I-Roversmap needed
December 28 - PH3 Run 1907
The New Years Run
hares needed
Tahitian Queenmap needed