Sponsored Runs – 2017

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PH3 hosts a number of Special Runs each year; some sponsored by the Hares, some by the Mis-Management Committee and some simply named. Any National Day or Group event that wants sponsorship need to approach Mis-Management well in advance with a thought out proposal for review and approval. No Shirt design will be printed with a PH3 LOGO until approved by Committee.

  1. Sponsors are allowed on one or both of the sleeves.
  2. All shirt designs with PH3 logo, must be approved by the Mis-Management. This can be done swiftly by the committee members present on a Monday run in advance of the event.
  3. Sponsorship must be transparent, so no single person benefits from sponsors.
** Types: Named Only (Unsponsored), PH3 Sponsored, Hare Sponsored
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PH3 SPONSORED Runs – 2017
This table has been approved by the Mis-Management Committee at the January meeting. Even after approval all dates are subject to change as the year progresses. It is also expected that additional events will be added as year advances. PH3 Sponsored Runs require clearance from Mis-Management. See also Special Runs – 2017 at the bottom of the Receding Hareline Page.
Date Run Name Type Remarks
03 Jan New Year’s Run H Hares – Doesn’t Touch the Sides and Black Hole
30 Jan AGPU Run P  GM(s) normally hares this run – No More Cum and Mental Disorder
13 Feb St. Valentine’s Day Run P We normally distribute roses (and/or) chocolates to the ladies on this day.
1Mar Beach Social – 2015 P This event will be held on Wednesday at Jomtien Beach across fom Soi 10. Same routine as last year, everyone running in PH3 shirt 100 B male, 50 B female . Price without shirt will be 300 B male, 100 B female.  Hares – Liberace, Mental Disorder and Scar w\2T’s
13 Mar St Paddy’s Day Run H Whiskey and stew. Hares – Kee Mah, Mental Disorder, Menstrual Disorder and Wank-King’s Wanker.
24 Apr St George’s Day Run H SFW yearly extravaganza. Hares will advise details later.
15 May Norwegian Run H & P Hares to provide details later. Food and drinks sponsored by hares. All Hares run free sponsored by PH3. Expect same as last year.
05 Jun Betty Boop Run P All those dressed in drag at signup will run for free.
12 Jun Philippines Independence Day Run H & P Hares provide regional foods and snacks. Nominal support from PH3, subject to hares proposal.
03 Jul American Independence Day Run H Expect same as last year, free hot dogs. Hares did not require PH3 support.
24 Jul Aussie Run H Subject to confirmation from hares.  Expect same as last year with hares running free, hare sponsored raffle and BBQ.
04 Sep Veteran’s Run P Free run for all the veterans. T-shirt sponsorship will be decided later; suggest printed or embroidered veteran’s hash name on breast logo of generic shirt.
23 Oct Oktoberfest Run H & P Special beer and snacks. Joint sponsorship of beer by hares and PH3. 
30 Oct Halloween Run P Incidentals, prizes for best costumes.
06 Nov Loi Krathong Run P Same as last year with prizes for best krathong. Possibly prizes for all ladies or those dressed in traditional Thai fashion.
27 Nov The Belgian Run
date to change
H &/or P This traditional feature of the PH3 calendar has returned. This date WILL BE changed. Details will be forthcoming later.
25 Dec Christmas Run P Gluhwein and snacks. Santa gifts for the ladies and little ones.
01 Jan 2018 New Year’s Run H Moved to 2018 because of Christmas Run. Assumed hares – Doesn’t Touch the Sides and Black Hole