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The Contact Us Section provides contact details for the GM, Hare-Raiser and Webmaster. A number of links to other information is provided in the sidebar including information about the Mis-management. 

We post the minutes of the most recent meeting here each month. The date and timing of the next meeting is contained in the Welcome Section of this page. Just scroll up by clicking the green box with the triangle and you'll be there.

We will later provide some statistical information about the club - monthly attendance, number of newcomers, total of all hashers who have run with us (over 12,000 so far if you can believe it), and such like. This pending the database integration.

For further assistance, please contact

Contact the Grand Master, The Wizard
Email -
Phone - 062 418 7427

Contact the Webmaster, Wank-King's Wanker
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Phone - 097 137 0313

Contact the Hareraiser, Sperm Polluter
Email -
Phone - 084 357 9005

PH3 Mis-Management Meeting
Minutes of Meeting - Wednesday, March 3rd 2021

Attendence:  The Wizard, Dame Liberace, Sperm polluter, VV, Flatulence, Unstable Load, Pussy Snatcher, Sour Kraut Bone Collector, Scar, Dirt Looney, Arse von Hole, Smokey Trucky Fucky, French Kiss, Paprika Smiley, Spastic Whore King

Recorded by:  The Wizard

Minutes of Meeting

  • Apologies:   Nil
  • Previous Minutes:   Read and approved. No matters arising.
  • Bookie Report:   Lib reported a profit of approx. 9,000 baht for the month of February. Average number of sign ups for the month was 82. The economy of the club is in good shape with no concerns at the moment.
  • Webmaster Report:   Both the old, and the new website, are working well and up to date. However, we will persist with running both versions for another few weeks to ensure there are no glitches with the new version. Using a browser will take you to the old site until such time as the switch is made when the same URL will take you to the new site. There will be need to alter bookmarks etc. A link to the new website will be installed in the old website for the mean time. DL and PS were both thanked for their considerable efforts over the last few months.
  • Brew Master Report:   VV reported some minor repairs to the light rigs are necessary and tax for the beer truck is due this month. He also reported that there was a marked reduction in consumption of Full Moon with the requirement of hashers to hand over the bottle caps as they are opened. No other concerns.
  • Hare Raiser Report:   2 dates in April are still available and 4 out of 5 in May. Scotch on the Rocks run has been provisionally scheduled for 17 May. SP presented outline plans for a proposed outstation run at the end of April. More information will be required followed by discussions on logistical issues that it may present.
  • Rags Report:   SKBC informed us that 17 new shirts of varying sizes had been procured for rags, and eventually, the last pair of socks had gone! The idea of promoting rags in the first circle was discussed and agreed upon.
  • On-on Bars Report:   There is little feedback from those attending On On bars, which is taken as a positive sign. Good numbers are attending and our hosts are seemingly pleased to entertain us.
  • Special Runs:
    • SP requested sponsorship to the amount of 3,000b for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day run. Agreed. The hares will also be sponsoring the day by providing traditional Irish drinks.
  • Other Business:
    • VV – advised attention when making your way to next weeks A site. Maps and directions are correct but the A site is new although close to an established A site.
    • Scar – enquired whether there were plans for a beach social. Although we would not consider this event to be in breach of any rules (regarding Covid) it was agreed that Bellestar would make enquiries with local town hall officials to confirm this. If we are given the OK to hold the social, we will commence planning.
    • Lib suggested free runs for the webmaster, however the offer was graciously declined. PS and DL were reminded that they should claim for all appropriate expenses.
    • TW reminded all of the protocol for awarding hare credits. It was suggested that in future when there are more than 4 hares the lead hare should nominate, within the guidelines, those to whom credits and free runs be awarded.
    • TW thanked everyone for their attendance and contributions to another fruitful meeting.
  • New Business:
    • NEXT MEETING: 7th April, 16.00hrs, Nicky’s.
    • MEETING CLOSED: 16:55 hrs.

Meeting closed and looking forward for another great month of hashing.

About the Contact Us Section

We are now close to completing updating and automation of the PH3 website. The Statistics, General Info, Archives and this section are among the last to be worked on. Topics  which, although important,  have less immediacy than recent and upcoming run events.

Future plans for this section

We will also change the linking so some pages will display right here in this section rather than loading the specific page as now. We display the last meeting minutes here to give an idea of how this section might look when complete.