Pattaya H3

Website Construction Report

As announced at the February Mis-Management Meeting, Wank Kings Wanker has stood down from his position of Webmaster, and all associated duties. I'm sure everyone will join me in thanking him for his many years of service to PH3.

On On.
The Wizard (G.M.)

So what's next?
A new Webmaster has been assigned - PUSSY SNATCHER.

He is currently working on generating a new website so everything you see before will be available  and hopefully more easily . We will keep you updated as this new site goes live.
As far as you are concerned, this should be seamless as the current URL will be re-directed to the new website location.

*** UPDATE - 29th March 2021 ***
The new website is now fully functional. Please click on the following link.

During the next couple of weeks the OLD website will no longer be updated. All the most current information will be available via the NEW website.

As mentioned earlier, this should appear seamless to you as the current URL will be redirected.

Any feedback regarding the new site is appreciated and can be emailed to

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
On-On Dirt Looney (Web Assistant)