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Year 2017 Run Photos and Reports – After run 1744 no separate Run Photo pages exist. Photos after this date are incorporated into the PH3 Run XXXX page and may be viewed from there.

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JULY 2017
Date Photos Report Hares
July 31
The Norwegian Connnection
Photos 1743 Run 1743 Sir Arse-A-Holic and Mud Cracker
July 24
The Aussie Run
Photos 1742 Run 1742 Lone Wolf, K.A.M., Piss Poorer, Scarlet Pimpernel, Phantom, Rubber Dick, Mental Disorder, Baby No Knickers
July 17
Belgian National Day Run
Photos 1741 Run 1741 VV, Unstable Load, Rat Von Kiel, Arse Van Hole, Mayo Queen and Chicken Dundee
July 10
The Bum Run 1
Photos 1740 Run 1740 Princess Bum Boy, Jungle Princess and Jungle Mother
July 3
American Independence Day Run
Photos 1739 Run 1739 Emperor Airhead, G.I. Joe, Sir Spaghetti Head, Necrophilia Night Rider and Wank-King’s Wanker

JUNE 2017
Date Photos Report Hares
June 26
Photos 1738 Run 1738 Mental Disorder and Menstrual Disorder
June 19
Photos 1737 Run 1737 Burl Ives, Miss Use Me, Golden Rivet and Lost Cause
June 12
Philippines Independence Day Run
Photos 1736 Run 1736 Mental Disorder, Menstrual Disorder, Crapper, Lovely Lady and Gadaffi’s Husband
June 5
Betty Boop Run
Photos 1735 Run 1735 Mrs. Head and Black Hole

MAY 2017
Date Photos Report Hares
May 29
Scotch on the Rocks
Photos 1734 Run 1734 Dirt Looney, General Kidney Wiper and Sir Really Sadistic Bastard
May 22
The Wizard and Warlocks Run
Photos 1733 Run 1733 The Wizard, Crapper and Mental Disorder
May 15
Photos 1732 Run 1732 Del Boy and Beverley Hills Pink Cock
May 8
VV Barbecue Run
Photos 1731 Run 1731 VV, Del Boy and Two Time
May 1
The Disorder Run
Photos 1730 Run 1730 Mental Disorder, Menstrual Disorder, Minor Disorder and Minnie Disorder

APRIL 2017
Date Photos Report Hares
Apr 24
VV Barbecue Run
Photos 1729 Run 1729 VV, Two Time, Zenergy and Lipovitamin
Apr 17
Photos 1728 Run 1728 Unstable Load and Rat von Kiel
Apr 10
VV Barbecue Run
Photos 1727 Run 1727 VV, Pole Fucker, Tom Boy and Duchess Tadpole
Apr 3
Photos 1726 Run 1726 Pole Fucker, Tom Boy, Telly Tubby, Mental Disorder, Menstrual Disorder

MARCH 2017
Date Photos Report Hares
Mar 27
Photos 1725 Run 1725 Tampax, Love Boat and Desert Scorpion
Mar 20
VV Sausage BBQ Run
Photos 1724 Run 1724 VV and Two Time
Mar 13
St. Paddy’s Day Run
Photos 1723 Run 1723 Kee Mah, Mental Disorder, Menstrual Disorder and Wank-King’s Wanker
Mar 6
Photos 1722 Run 1722 Beetroot Head and Tossa

Date Photos Report Hares
Feb 27
Photos 1721 Run 1721 Burl Ives and Golden Rivet
Feb 20
The Flemish Run
Photos 1720 Run 1720 Unstable Load, Rat von Kiel, Arse van Hole, Mayo Queen and Harbor Whore
Feb 13
Valentine’s Day Run
Photos 1719 Run 1719 Scar w/2T’s, Bell Star, Mental Disorder and Menstrual Disorder
Feb 6
Photos 1718 Run 1718 Peler, Love Boat, Camel Humper and Desert Scorpion

Date Photos Report Hares
Jan 30
Annual General Piss Up Run
Photos 1717 Run 1717 No More Cum and Mental Disorder
Jan 23
Photos 1716 Run 1716 The Wizard, Crapper, Pocket Socket, Mental Disorder and Menstrual Disorder
Jan 16
Photos 1715 Run 1715 Peler, Sir Arse-A-Holic and Paprika Smiley
Jan 9
Meggy’s Challenge Run
Photos 1714 Run 1714 VV, Tampax and Jupiler Queen
Jan 2
New Year’s Day Run
Photos 1713 Run 1713 Doesn’t Touch the Sides and Black Hole